Precision CNC Milling aluminum Products

Using Mazak CNC machining centers, Brother turning-milling machining centers, LiTZ and other CNC equipment for precision CNC milling of aluminum products, the shape and position accuracy is within 0.01mm, and the surface roughness can reach Ra0.4. Our equipment covers 3, 4, and simultaneous 5-axis milling capabilities, which can meet the machining requirements of different product structures and achieve precision and efficient machining. Commonly machined aluminum are: AL1060,2014,2017,2024,2A06,2A14,5052,5083,5086,6061,6063,6082,7050,7075, etc.

Products Details

At our factory, we pride ourselves on delivering superior quality products with unparalleled precision. Our advanced machinery ensures that the shape and position accuracy of your aluminum products is maintained to an astonishing 0.01 mm, truly exceeding industry standards. In addition, with our precision machining technology and expertise, we are able to achieve surface roughness as low as Ra0.4, giving your products a perfect, refined appearance.One of the significant advantages our equipment offers is its versatility. With our wide range of capabilities, we are able to perform 3-axis, 4-axis and simultaneous 5-axis milling. This means we can handle a variety of product structures and accommodate even the most complex designs. Whether you need simple components or complex parts, rest assured our equipment will meet your project requirements with precision and efficiency.Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians is dedicated to providing you with unparalleled service. They have an in-depth understanding of CNC milling and have the knowledge to ensure your product is manufactured to the highest standards. Through strict quality control measures, our team oversees the entire production process, ensuring every product leaving our facility meets or exceeds your expectations.Our precision CNC milled aluminum products are widely used in various industries. From aerospace to automotive, electronics to medical equipment, our products meet the needs of different industries. Our commitment to meet our clients' needs on time while meeting all quality requirements has earned us the reputation of being a trustworthy and reliable supplier in the market.

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